Live Smoke Free is a non-profit program of the Association for Nonsmokers-Minnesota (ANSR) that promotes smoke-free policies in apartment buildings, condominiums, and other forms of housing. We educate building owners, managers, local policy makers, residents, and housing industry professionals about the benefits of smoke-free multi-housing.

How We’re Funded

Live Smoke Free relies on grant funding and charitable donations to provide property owners, managers, renters, and homeowners with smoke-free housing support. You can help us increase the number of smoke-free housing opportunities in Minnesota and beyond by donating to our parent organization, the Association for Nonsmokers – Minnesota.


Live Smoke Free assists owners and managers with creating, enforcing and promoting a smoke-free policy for their property. We also help renters find solutions to secondhand smoke problems and provide technical assistance to smoke-free housing programs. We offer free assistance throughout Minnesota and can provide some free resources and assistance to out-of-state entities, including public housing agencies.

Live Smoke Free is supported by grant funding and charitable donations. Live Smoke Free is a member of the Minnesota Multi-Housing Association (MHA), a member of the national and Minnesota chapters of the National Association for Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO), and is endorsed by the Minnesota Cancer Alliance.