Eden Prairie Renters Support Citywide Smoke-Free Housing

In 2019 Eden Praire, Hennepin County, and ANSR staff began reaching out to select multi-unit properties (both smoke free and smoking allowed) in Eden Prairie asking to survey property managers and residents on the topic of smoke-free housing. The goal was to learn about smoking habits in apartments, resident experience of secondhand smoke and opinions about smoke-free building policies for both where they live and for properties citywide.

The survey found that nearly half of residents (41% in smoke-free buildings and 57% in smoking-permitted buildings) are exposed to secondhand smoke every day, multiple times per week, multiple times per month, or multiple times per year.

Residents showed strong support for smoke-free policies and ordinances. Residents were asked, “Would you support a citywide policy or ordinance requiring apartment buildings to be smoke free? ”

In smoke-free buildings, 87.5% of residents supported a citywide smoke-free housing ordinance.

In smoking-permitted buildings, 82% of residents supported a citywide smoke-free housing ordinance.

To learn more about Eden Prairie renters’ opinions on smoke-free housing, read the full reports.