Fire investigators move through the remains of the burned-out home in Maple Grove.

Minnesota Fire Headlines Renew Calls to Take it Outside

The first month of 2020 came with fire headlines that remind Minnesota renters, property owners, and property managers, why smoke-free housing is vital to fire prevention.

On January 6, 2020, WCCO reported, “The Number of Fire Deaths In Minnesota Increased By 14% Last Year.” The article listed all fire deaths since 2009 and stated that the leading cause of fire deaths in each of these years was careless smoking.

On January 25, 2020, Fox reported, “State Fire Marshal: Smoking cause of over half of deadly fires in Minnesota so far this year.” In that article, the State Fire Marshal asks Minnesotans who smoke, to smoke outside.

With more and more multi-unit buildings going smoke free in Minnesota each year, the risk of deadly smoking-related fires is reduced, however, these headlines show that there is still a need for smoke-free housing rules and compliance across all housing types. Smoking-related residential fires are 100% preventable if residents take it outside.

Live Smoke Free has a free digital toolkit for fire departments interested in supporting smoke-free housing.

For more tips on smoking and fire safety, visit the MN State Fire Marshal’s website.

Description of 2020 fire deaths in MN

(MN State Fire Marshal)