Ramsey County Renters Support Citywide Smoke-Free Housing

Earlier this year, Saint Paul – Ramsey County Public Health (SPRCPH) and Live Smoke (LSF) completed a resident survey in multi-unit housing (MUH) that asked questions of adults who live in apartment buildings in Ramsey County. The goal was to gauge Ramsey County residents’ interest in adoption of policies that would restrict smoking in MUH buildings.

One of the questions asked was “Would you support a citywide policy or ordinance requiring apartment buildings to be smoke free? (e.g. not allow smoking anywhere inside the building). About 84 percent and 72 percent of respondents living in smoke-free buildings and smoking-permitted buildings respectively indicated support for a city-wide smoke-free housing policy or ordinance as shown on the chart below.

To learn more about Ramsey County renters’ opinions on smoke-free housing, read the full report or the key findings.