Every year on the third Thursday of November, we celebrate the Great American Smokeout®. This event, hosted by the American Cancer Society, is a public awareness event to encourage people to quit smoking. Since smoke-free housing policies motivate residents to quit smoking, Live Smoke Free works with property owners, managers, and renters to promote cessation resources in multi-unit housing. But residents aren’t the only ones who might feel inclined to quit smoking when a building goes smoke free.

Staff are also impacted by smoke-free policies and may wish to quit. Last month, Live Smoke Free attended the St. Paul Public Housing Authority’s Employee Health Fair. Policy and Outreach Specialist, Rose Hauge (pictured), offered tobacco cessation information and carbon monoxide testing for employees that smoke. She also educated employees about e-cigarette products and how parents can identify if their child is using e-cigarettes.

This November 21, for the Great American Smokeout, don’t forget to remind residents AND staff about free resources to help them quit smoking.


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