Three Tips for Winter Weather Compliance

Winter is here and that means many Minnesota renters who smoke will be braving the elements to comply with their building’s smoke-free housing policy. Here are some ways property owners and managers can make wintertime compliance easier for residents.

1. Make sure that designated smoking areas are consistently and promptly cleared of ice and snow. Snow drifts and slippery walkways can make it difficult and dangerous for residents to go outside to smoke. Remove snow and ice as quickly as possible around areas where residents are allowed to smoke.

100% Smoke-Free Property Sign in winter

2. Consider ways to help shelter residents from wind, rain, and snow. Frigid temperatures, wind chills, and wet rain are all barriers to smoke-free policy compliance. If it makes sense for your property, consider providing shelter or equipment to protect residents from the elements.

Renter holding umbrella

3. Remind residents of the free services available to help them quit or cut back on smoking. Quit Partner offers free cessation support for Minnesotans. Residents in Minnesota and other states can call 1-800-QUITNOW to receive free cessation help.


Need more tips and strategies to improve smoke-free policy compliance and enforcement at your property? Check out this resource or contact us!