West Saint Paul Renters Support Citywide Smoke-Free Housing

In 2021 Dakota County Public Health (DCPH) and Live Smoke Free (LSF) collaborated with the City of West St. Paul to gather data to inform smoke-free housing opportunities in West St. Paul. LSF and DCPH surveyed 230 residents (response rate 27.6%) and six property managers (response rate 100%) of eight West St. Paul multi-unit housing properties. The goal of the survey was to understand resident and staff exposure to secondhand smoke and inform strategies to reduce secondhand smoke exposure in West St. Paul buildings.

Key Findings

Residents’ Exposure to Secondhand Smoke in the Apartment

Tobacco Smoke

Marijuana Smoke

Health Problems due to Secondhand Smoke Exposure

19 residents reported health problems related to secondhand smoke exposure.

Support for Citywide Policies

Disclosure of Smoking Policy


of residents support

Smoke-Free Requirement


of residents support

To learn more about West Saint Paul renters’ opinions on smoke-free housing, read the one page summary or the full report.

Supported by funding from the Statewide Health Improvement Partnership of the Minnesota Department of Health and Dakota County Public Health Department.