Live Smoke Free is a non-profit program of the Association for Nonsmokers-Minnesota (ANSR) that promotes smoke-free policies in apartment buildings, condominiums, and other forms of housing. We educate building owners, managers, local policy makers, residents, and housing industry professionals about the benefits of smoke-free multi-housing.

How We’re Funded

Live Smoke Free relies on grant funding and charitable donations to provide property owners, managers, renters, and homeowners with smoke-free housing support. You can help us increase the number of smoke-free housing opportunities in Minnesota and beyond by donating to our parent organization, the Association for Nonsmokers – Minnesota.

VisionA world where everyone has access to a safe, clean, smoke-free home.

MissionProtect all residents from exposure to harmful second and thirdhand smoke in their homes.

GoalIncrease smoke-free home opportunities for all people, especially those disproportionately impacted by second and thirdhand smoke exposure.

How We Do It: 
  • Assist property owners, managers, and homeowners’ associations with the adoption, implementation and maintenance of equitable smoke-free housing policies.
  • Support residents who are exposed to secondhand or thirdhand smoke in their homes.
  • Educate and engage decision-makers to adopt smoke-free housing policies at the property, local, state, and federal levels.
Racial Equity Statement
Live Smoke Free acknowledges that racism is a public health crisis in Minnesota and the United States. Systemic racism has created disparate health outcomes for Black, Indigenous, and communities of color. Such systems create barriers to healthy, safe, affordable housing for these populations. This makes Black, Indigenous, and people of color more likely to live in multi-unit rental housing and more likely to be exposed to harmful secondhand smoke. At Live Smoke Free we believe that everyone deserves a smoke-free home and we are committed to continue to work diligently toward that goal.
Land Acknowledgment

We recognize that Live Smoke Free is located within the traditional homelands of the Dakota people, and that the land we currently occupy comes with a legacy of genocide and trauma caused by U.S. law and policy applied to American Indians.

Memberships and Endorsements

Live Smoke Free is a member of the Minnesota Multi-Housing Association (MHA) and is endorsed by the Minnesota Cancer Alliance.