Offering smoking cessation support promotes smoke-free policy compliance. Nearly 7 out of 10 people who smoke want to quit and research shows that smoke-free policies help people quit smoking (1,2). Promoting cessation in smoke-free housing can lead to health and financial benefits for residents and better smoke-free policy compliance.

Ready to get started promoting cessation in your building? Jump to local and national cessation tools and resources.


Ways to Promote Cessation
  • Include smoking cessation resources in the smoke-free policy (model smoke-free lease addendum)
  • Include smoking cessation flyers or brochures in resident move-in packets
  • Post smoking cessation posters in common areas or on community bulletin boards
  • Make smoking cessation brochures available in the leasing office
  • Distribute smoking cessation information door-to-door
  • Include smoking cessation information when addressing smoke-free policy violations
  • Include smoking cessation information with other healthy living programs
Ideas for Cessation Programming in Smoke-Free Housing
  • Invite a community partner (such as a health organization) to present cessation information at a resident meeting
  • Start a Quitter’s Club to recognize residents who reach their quitting goals
  • Help residents organize a quitters support group
  • Ask a community partner to offer smoking cessation services on-site
  • Ask a community partner to train resident volunteers as smoke-free liaisons who can connect fellow residents with smoking cessation services

When to Promote Cessation
  • There’s no wrong time!
  • Before, during, and after smoke-free policy implementation
  • At the on-set of colder temperatures
  • New Years season
  • Great American Smokeout – national annual cessation event each November
Community Partners

Community organizations may be able to provide smoking cessation support and services that a housing provider could not normally provide on their own. Consider some of the following community partners to advance smoking cessation promotions and programs in housing.

  • Health clinics and providers
  • State or local health department
  • Nonprofit health organizations
  • Social service providers
  • Local pharmacies
  • Fire departments
  • Colleges and universities (research)

Ready to find a community partner? The Global Directory of Smoke-Free Housing Programs is a great place to start.

Cessation Stories

Read what some Minnesota renters had to say about getting cessation support at their smoke-free building.

“The smoking support group [at my apartment building] gives us a place to talk openly without judgement. We support each other. Plus it’s fun and gives us something to do besides smoke.”

South St. Paul Renter

“Even though life gets in the way, because of [cessation] coaching [at my apartment building] I’m always mindful of how much I’m smoking.”

South St. Paul Renter

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