Public Policy

As more scientific data on the dangers of second and third hand smoke exposure in residential multi-unit housing becomes available, cities and counties are beginning to take action to protect their residents from exposure. Below is a list of resources to help jurisdictions considering public policy actions. Questions can be directed to info@mnsmokefreehousing.org.

Policy Options

Promoting Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing: Advanced Policy Strategies- Live Smoke Free (coming soon)

Sample: Incorporating Smoke-Free Housing in Local Comprehensive Planning (Dakota County, MN)

Facts Sheets

Implementing and Enforcing a Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing Ordinance: A Fact Sheet for Local Jurisdictions- Changelab Solutions.

Disclosure of Smoking Policies in Multi-Unit Housing- Tobacco Control Legal Consortium.

Making a New Smoke-Free Housing Law Work- Tobacco Free CA.

Lists of Currently Enacted Laws

U.S. Laws and Policies Restricting or Prohibiting Smoking in Private Units of Multi-Unit Housing- Americans for Nonsmokers Rights.

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Matrix of Strong Multi-Unit Housing Ordinances- Center for Tobacco Policy and Research/American Lung Association in CA.

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Evaluating the Impact of a Citywide Smoke-Free Multiunit Housing Ordinance: Insights from Community Stakeholders- American Journal of Public Health.

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Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing Ordinances: Lessons From California – Brynna Bargfield, MPP/MPH Candidate 2021, University of Minnesota

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